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The Keilor Historical Society has launched a series of podcasts hosted by Richard Whybrow with guest speakers discussing a range of topics, history and facts about the Keilor region.

You can listen to each of the episodes by clicking on the links below or on your smart device via Apple Podcasts or Spotify or any podcasting platform.

KHS Bridges of the Keilor Region Ep#2 Keilor Historical Society Inc.

In this second episode of "Bridges of the Keilor Region" The Keilor Historical Society discusses the history of the Keilor region bridges. In this episode, Susan Jennison Рpresident of the Keilor Historical Society,  discusses the many bridges of the Keilor region with host Richard Whybrow.
  1. KHS Bridges of the Keilor Region Ep#2
  2. KHS Bridges of the Keilor Region Ep#1